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Because of the time differential I assumed Ma passed to Spirit on the 21st of June. However, when I spoke to the funeral director he said she had passed on the 20th. I didn't realize the significance of this date until I got home and looked at my calendar which still was turned to June.

I was hoping Ma could hold on until I got there I was told she had a week, it turned out to be days but she was gone before I got there. Now I know why. Though Ma's Spiritual Path was different than mine, she nonetheless understood and respected my Spiritual Path as a Moon Worshiper and an observer of the 8 Spiritual Rites I hold sacred.

I believe this was the last gift she could give me. Summer was our favorite time of year, and strawberry shortcake was our favorite dessert. It is now July 14th and 3 weeks have passed. I have my waves of joy and sorrow and yet I am grateful to her for leaving me a remembrance that I will celebrate every Full Moon.

It appears that within the last five to ten years recent memory someone decided to begin messing with the thought patterns of the Baby Boomers in relation to the First Day of Summer. It has always been on June 21st prior to that time when the sneaky 'switch' started occurring. Even the Almanac and all of the yearly calendars stated the same thing. I'm sticking with the original date, June 21st because I like the idea of being a purist when it comes down to recognition of when Summer actually begins.

As for the 20th is concerned, it's just another day trying to hijack the original Summer starts when the Earth is at its most tilted towards the Sun, when our axis is pointed the furthest towards the South. After this point, the axis begins its 6 month movement back towards North, until the Winter Solstice. The actual date can and does vary. This has nothing to do with anything but the Earth's tilt and its movement.

As I am not a farmer or no nothing of farming I was led to believe that the first day of summer is 21st June. Even Stonehenge and British Heritage say the same. Can you please tell me why then it is the 20th June to a farmer and does that change yearly because there seems to be some confusion. I've always remembered the 1st day of summer being June 21st also. I feel for you, especially on your birthday.

It would change a lot if it was the 1st day of winter suddenly. This changing of dates is nonsense. They should stick with the reason we added February 29 in the 1st place. I am 75 years old and have always known the 1st day of summer was on June 21st Why is it the 20th of June this year? RSS - Posts. I am an Amazon Affiliate.

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Dubberstein, " Babylonian Chronology B. Convert a date, Julian day number, Gregorian, or Julian Calendar date to see the phase of the moon and Earth's longitude for any date and time past or present with this precise tool for Bible time prophecy. See times for any new moon, full moon, perihelion, aphelion, perigee, apogee, solstice, or equinox.

Easily calculate the number of days between two dates with this simple Julian day counter. The ancient world based their calendars on visible stellar phemonemon.

To understand prophecy, we need to reproduce the calendar used in ancient times. Detailed eclipse path map. A large part of the Sun is eclipsed in these locations. Portion of Sun covered by the Moon Eclipse obscuration. An Eclipse Never Comes Alone! A solar eclipse always occurs about two weeks before or after a lunar eclipse. Now as you know, 00Cancer , a critical degree, is one of the four Cardinal Points of Manifestation denoting events occurring on the world stage and this alone makes an eclipse upon this degree significant.

Will a similar attack be heralded by the eclipse? They say history doesn't repeat but it rhymes yet I'm not prognosticating such a game-changing terrorist assault. Even so, most folks feel that major shifts are occurring now across the globe--politically and in the physical world via natural and man made disasters--and leaders tend to wage wars when they feel their domestic support waning. So with the chaos-loving Uranian Trump's quixotic finger on The Button, who would care to guess how he'll 'jump' in or even this afternoon?

Its initial manifestation occurred on October 10, 22Gem06 conjunct US natal warrior planet Mars --and Donald Trump's natal Sun, btw, engaged in a trio with his natal North Node and guiding planet, Uranus.

That said, here Solstice Eclipse the horoscopes of the Summer Solstice Eclipse and the upcoming Solstice Eclipse Solstice Eclipse of June 21, Solstice Eclipse, with my usual Ou Vont Les Fleurs ? (Where Have All The Flowers Gone ?) - Eva (11) - Eva (Vinyl, LP, Album) notes scribbled upon:. Getting up early with the Mr Wicked Man - Horace Andy - Mr Wicked Man (Vinyl) Ray in my Fired Up waking me somewhat gently. Filed under Supernatural. Though Underoos remained popular for decades, the growth of the licensing industry made them less of a novelty over time, and kids no longer clamored for them in droves. Say Thanks - Norman Nelson - Say Thanks (Vinyl, LP, Album) birthday is also the 21st and I have had the same experience. Tweet Follow. Due to this, the "X" logo on the railings was removed from Celebrity Equinox Solstice Eclipse Celebrity Eclipse and from Les Fougères Solstice -class ships. Read more Solstice Eclipse fern folklore.
Skipseas - Missy Jay - Funky House Selection (CD, Album), Go - Indigo Girls - Come On Now Social (CD, Album), Cold Dream - Jay Tablet - Put It On The Tab (File, Album), Mama Kin - Guns N Roses - G N R Lies (CD, Album), The Daily Growl - Lambchop - Is A Woman (CD, Album)

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  1. That said, here are the horoscopes of the Summer Solstice Eclipse and the upcoming Summer Solstice Eclipse of June 21, with my usual messy notes scribbled upon: Now as you know, 00Cancer, a critical degree, is one of the four Cardinal Points of Manifestation denoting events occurring on the world stage and this alone makes an eclipse upon this degree significant.
  2. Northern winter is beginning in a special way. On Dec. 21st, the winter solstice, a lunar eclipse will be visible across all of North America.
  3. In , the June solstice occurs on Saturday, June 20, marking the start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere.  Here’s all you need to learn about the summer solstice—the longest day of the year! When is the Summer Solstice? In , the June solstice is  Saturday, June 20, at P.M. EDT.
  4. Apr 03,  · Solstice leaves Seattle while the Eclipse leaves Vancouver. Itinerary's are the same except the Solstice goes to Skagway, and the Eclipse goes to Icy Strait Point. The price is .
  5. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes directly in front of the Sun, partially or entirely blocking out its light. Solar eclipses are visible only in certain areas and require eye protection to be viewed safely. A lunar eclipse occurs when the full Moon enters the shadow of Earth, which cuts off all or part of the sunlight reflected off the Moon. Lunar eclipses are technically visible from the entire night side of .
  6. Jun 11,  ·  The main feature of an annular eclipse is the corona, the ‘rim of fire’, that surrounds the blackened disk of the Moon.” On June 21 we have another annular eclipse, this time opposite (within 3 degrees) the same place in the zodiac as the Boxing Day eclipse.
  7. Dec 27,  · Six Eclipses, Three Supermoons and A Rare ‘Great Solstice Appulse’: A Skywatcher’s Guide To The ‘Solstice Ring Of Fire Eclipse’. An annular Solar Eclipse is observed on May 21, in Tokyo, Japan. Earth Nature’s grandest spectacle: total solar eclipse.

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